Friday, March 7, 2014

Readers! Give to our Heroes and get a book

A year ago I did this event called Give a book, get a book. It was successful and we sent hundreds of books to our active military stationed overseas.

Now, I want to do something to thank our returning heroes, our Veterans. In particular, I am running to raise funds for an organization called Heroes Project who help Veterans with PTSD by getting them active again, by helping to provide them with workout equipment and gym fees, and more.

Since I'm also an author and I have some books sitting in a cupboard I thought, "Why not give a book for a donation?"

So, here I am asking you to spread the word and to help. If you haven't read one of my books, but would like to, or have a friend who hasn't read one of my books now is the time.

I have 15 copies of KILLER BUNNY HILL, 5 copies of CONNECT THE DOTS, and 5 copies of PHISH NET STALKINGS.

For every $25 or more donation you make to my Run for Heroes page then send me a comment I will send you one of the above books at my own cost.

If you want a particular book or want it signed to someone just leave that in the comment.

It's simple. Make a donation to thank our heroes at the link above, leave me a comment that you did so, tell me which book you want and voila!

As soon as I confirm the donation the book will be in the mail. Thank you for your support for our American Heroes!

This offer is good only until I run out of the books listed above.

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