Friday, February 27, 2009

Description Writing Prompt

Today the prompt is to spend 20 minutes describing a smell and what that smell makes you feel. For example, honeysuckle or fresh cut grass, or even a dead body.

Again, feel free to share what you come up with.

Dialogue Writing Prompt

Since the inner monologue really kicked off my creativity (actually kind of scary what came out), I thought I would pass this one on. A dialogue prompt.

This one you get 30 minutes to write a dialogue between two characters using appropriate speech differences and movement. Here's the idea. . .

Write a dialogue in which each of the characters has a secret. Do not reveal the secret but make the reader intuit it.

Feel free to share what you come up with.

Inner Monologue Writing Prompt

I'm taking a creative writing course and this week one of the writing sessions had us starting with a prompt and then taking 10 minutes to write an inner monologue.

I thought I would share the prompt with you all and see if it could ignite any creative juices. Good luck!

Write a brief inner monologue beginning with the words, “What I could never tell you…”

Feel free to share what you write.

Win FREE books

About a week ago I found this very cool site that gives away books.

Each week they change the books that they are giving away. All these books are donated and signed by the authors. Check them out!

Starting today until next Friday morning, my book is available to add your name in to get a copy free. Yes, absolutely free!!

Who doesn't want a free book?!

Editorial submission to Post

Well, bummer!

The Washington Post rejected my editorial on the stimulus. What's the deal with that? We can publish everything the politicians thinks but not what we, the middle class, think.

At least my ediotrial even offered a solution to the issue as opposed to some of these politicians who just whine about it but never offer up anything.

Anyway, not to worry, I won't be posting any political comments on my blog. :-)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Press Release

Although I have been writing. . .at page 85 as of this morning, I also did spend a little time on the publicity thing.

I found this wonderful person named Jessica James and her blog at

Jessica is an author and a newspaper editor with 18 years experience. She knows how to craft a press release and how to address an email to an editor to get their attention.

I worked with Jessica through email the past three days where she asked me a bunch of questions and in the end, I have a press release that I have already sent out to a local paper and the blurb to attach to submit to a newspaper editor to catch their interest in possibly doing an interview.

Seriously, if any of you are having troubles with getting that press release done, check out her blog and contact her. I highly recommend her!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You Write - but do you Read?

Every week you manage to do some kind of writing. Whether it is 100 words or 1000 words, it does not matter because it is all good.

Do you also read?

Me, I read at least 1 book a week and sometimes several just depending on the length and obviously how good it is. This week I have managed to read three, oops four books. Thanks goodness for excellent writers. My TO BE READ pile is dwindling. I now only have one cabinet of books to read.

How many books do you read? What was the last book you read and when?

Do you read the same kind of books that you write?

I write romantic suspense. I usually read romantic suspense, mysteries, romance, and even true crime. When I do research for my books, I read anything and everything, but have to admit I tend to shy away from reading a whole non-fiction novel.

Why do you read?

Relaxation? Escape? Learn more about your craft?

Writing - but not my WIP

Yesterday I did manage to write about another 2000 words getting me to page 82 in my WIP. Yea!!

Then I could no longer concentrate and decided to write an editorial with regards to the current economy and the "stimulus". On a normal basis, I am not a political person, but - yes, I do live in New Hampshire.

Anyway, this whole situation has me in quite the tizzy and the TV media around it pretty much drives me nuts. Realize, I rarely watch television (prefer books), but occasionally I will go out for breakfast and you have no choice but to listen to the so-called news program. In thirty or sixty minutes they drone the same comment/opinion into your head at least 4 times throughout the program. No wonder everyone is depressed.

So, I wrote a 2 page editorial on our economic situation from my POV and submitted it. What do you think? Will someone at the newspaper actually take the time to read it? Or will it end up in the recycle bin? Will they go a step further and print it? Or is it only the politicians whose voice counts?

Personally, this is why I write fiction. :-) Fiction will make me laugh, cry, jump out of my seat, fall in love, smile, and believe that anything is possible.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Miranda Neville's book release

Good morning! Big news today. A friend of mine and fellow NHRWA member has her first book released today. Please suport her and go out and buy it.

Here's the information:
Avon. ISBN: 9780061715914

Beautiful, spirited Jacobin de Chastelux would have been the perfect prize for any man . . . but she never imagined one would win her at a game of cards. When she learns that her dissolute uncle and guardian had wagered her virtue--and lost--she flees. A cunning disguise and her culinary talents landher in the Prince Regent's kitchen under master chef Antonin Carême. All is well until her uncle dines with the prince and is poisoned by one of her desserts. Jacobin must escape again . . . to the home of the very man who won her in that infamous game!

Romantic Times writes "Neville skillfully combines revenge, murder and a good dollop of sexual tension to bring readers a delicious and delightfulread. The unique overview of the makings of French pastries adds to the flavor of this debut novel." According to Publisher's Weekly "the byplaybetween the hero and heroine is genuine, lusty and fun."For an excerpt, visit

Next Book Signing

It really is nice to have friends. A friend of mine owns a small breakfast and ice cream shop and she has decided that my next book signing will be at her place.

Between bacon and eggs, you can buy a book. :-) Or buy the book before breakfast and start reading it while you're there.

The event is Saturday, March 14 from 8AM - 10AM at Sammy J's. The address is 144 Main Street in Salem, NH.

Mark your calendars!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Page 75

Woohoo! 19000 words and page 76 today. I am feeling good!
Lots of action and movement.

If I can keep this pace up, I should reach page 100 by the end of the week.

Monday and writing

Ah! I actually got up this morning and started writing. I'm close to the end of a chapter so I feel very good. If I can get at least another chapter or two written today I will be ecstatic. My goal for this week is to get to page 75 in my WIP. If I get to page 100 well then I will be doing some heavy celebrating. :-)

After the last two weeks of very little writing, this week is all about my story. I'm going to ignore any thoughts on marketing effort (well, not completely, but mostly). I'm going to forget about homework until the weekend. All this writing I have to do for my class is killing me, not to mention the reading before the writing. The stories kinda suck (for lack of a better descriptive word). I even sent one story to my father to read and I believe he used the same term. Hehe! I don't feel so bad.

Happy writing!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Snow

More Snow?!

Could Mother Nature be anymore cruel? Just when I was loving the fact that I could see snow under my hammock, the weather decides to dump even more snow on us.

Where is spring? How am I to write about warm weather in NH when all I see is white and dirt (sand). UGH!!

Here is a question for you. What does the weather do to your writing? If it rains do you stay inside and crank out pages upon pages? When it's hot and beautiful outside do you go and play in the heat or do you stay where the air conditioning is and write, write, write?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Publicity Revelation

I don't remember if I have written about this in the past or not, but let's talk publicity.

How am I supposed to write and do my daily grind type stuff if I also have to work on the publicity for my book?
I'm not talking about the actual book events and interviews and such things as that. Please, those are the fun and can be very enlightening. Plus, you never know what story idea may come from it.

I'm talking about the actual creation and submittal press releases. Even though I may be able to write one where do I send it? There is no clear list for a new writer that says, "Send here."
And there are no instructions on how and who to contact to get media interviews.
To top that off, as a novice author with a small publishing house how do you arrange book events?

I'm sure that it can and has been done. But, dang, if that does not take a great deal of time and research. I have spent days trying to find information, and although I know I am internet search challenged, I still have not found answers. For example, how do I send a press release to the New York Time, Washington Post, or Boston Globe? Better yet...all major newspapers across the US and on the web?

Let's face it, without good publicity that book will remain in a warehouse or on a shelf (if it's even in the bookstores). That begs another question. How to get the bookstores to carry the book?

If you have answers to these questions, please feel free to post them here for others.

Now, knowing that I am not a marketing guru or a salesperson, I decided to locate and contact a public relations firm. Actually, I contacted 3 of them. Can you believe that not one has responded back?? That begs the question of why? Is it because my book is a romance? Hey - don't say anything. There were several agencies I checked into that specifically did not work with "genre fiction". No accounting for taste. :-)

Perhaps they don't think my book is worth the effort because my publisher is small? So what. They'll only get bigger...and already are.

And knowing that I have a second book to be released this year you would think, "Yeah, this is a no-brainer. We should work with this writer."

So...bottom line is this. I want my writing to be my career. How do I get there? PUBLICITY
How do I get that publicity?

Yup, I'm in the background waving my hand saying, "I have no clue."

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Finally writing again

After three days of being sick and all the computer issues of last week, I am finally back to writing. This morning, I managed to write two chapters in my WIP.

Yea me!

Of course, it helps that my cats had me up at the crack of dawn...make that before dawn at 4 AM. That was okay with me because I proceeded to workout and listen to a good audiobook while I did.

Monday, February 16, 2009


IT HAPPENS IN THREES is no available in ebook at Fictionwise:

It is also available for Kindle from Amazon at:

Laurens Library

I think it was a couple of weeks ago that I told you all about my grandmother going to her library to get a copy of my book but it had been checked out.

This morning, while I'm sitting at home sick, I rummaged through a week's worth of mail and found a card from my grandmother. She sent me a card congratulating me on my book and included a small article from her local newspaper that listed my book and that fact that I am Maxine's (grandma's name) grand daughter.

I noticed that the library has a website so I went out there to check it out and sure enough they listed the same information. So cool!

Check it out:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

One of those...2 days ever just have those days where nothing can go smoothly??


Mine started when I was trying to get my backup server to give me some old files. It did not want to cooperate. And of course this is at 6 in the morning and lasts until at least 9. Then I was finally able to get to some backed up files but copying them to where I wanted so i could use them took forever.

My poor cats went scurrying away everytine I yelled at my computer. :-)

Then I had to install some software. Yeah, okay, this should be a walk in the park. Not so. Because of all the security I have on my computers and network it can be a major pain.

Oh, there were other issues beyond just those but those were the biggest. Do you think I got any writing done? NOT.

Then the next day I my friend Nora emails me about meeting a friend of ours for lunch. Holy cow! I completely forgot. No problem. I decide to sit down and do some writing before I have to go.

I'm all ready to write but I need to get some information on the internet. I'm waiting, and waiting, and waiting...NOTHING. Continuously! I couldn't get my email anymore. UGH!

I, being the smart girl that I am, called the cable/internet company. We went through the issue and it was identified that my cable modem had died. The thing is less than 2 years old!! So I schedule an appointment for them to replace it because it is their modem, but guess when that will be...MONDAY. Flippin' 5 days away.

Again, I being the smart chic that I am, go out and buy a cable modem because I can install it myself. And after lunch with my friends that is exactly what I do. But of course that cannot go smoothly. For those of you who don't has to be done in a very specific order. Sheesh!

On top of that, when I finally do get it set up I still have to call the cable company so they can register the machine in their system so I can use it to access the internet. Do you think that was easy?? Heck, no! It took 5 phone transfers to get to the right person. Unbelievable!!

Anyway, I finally get a guy who was very helpful and does whatever needs to be done on their end and I'm set. Right?

NOT! I still had no internet access. But, I'm no dummy, so I keep the guy on the phone with me until I know it works. I mention something about the router and he says "Router?" In the back of my mind I'm think "DUH!!!!"

So I have to unplug the router and count to ten (love that) and then plug it back in. Woohoo!!!

At 5 PM, I finally had access to the internet. At that point, I was fried, brain-fried. you think I have written a word in 2 days?? Nope. Nada.

BUT - after all that, I think I should write a book titled, WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS :-)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Book available on mobipocket

Check this out!

My book can now be downloaded to a PDA or smartphone and read.

Has anyone ever done that??

Saturday, February 7, 2009

First Booksigning

Saturday was my first booksigning at Big Easy Bagel in Manchester.

How did it go?

It went great! Some of the writers I know showed up to support me and many local patrons. One gentleman came by to get two books. Apparently, he had been waiting for two weeks for the event to get them.

I had the books and chocolate and everyone who bought a book took either a chocolate heart or a chocolate book away with them as well as a signed copy of the book itself.

Laurie (the owner of Big Easy Bagel) gave me a table in a corner where I set up my book for display on a stand that my neighbor gave. I also managed to get internet access so I could show my new book trailer to everyone as well.

Overall, it was fun and I am very much looking forward to this coming Thursday for the next one. For those of you that are in the's going to be at Margaritas in Salem, NH. Hope to see you there!!

Article in Newspaper

Ever wonder if people actually read the articles in the paper? When the local paper put the article in about my new book, I was not certain if anyone would read it. Well, they did.

How do I know? Besides having several people tell me in-person when I was out to eat, I received a couple of emails congratulating me on my book. One email in particular was really great.

A local woman emailed me and asked if I would be interested in talking with her and her daughters about book writing and candy making. Uh, yeah, of course I was interested so I invited them over to my place.

The other afternoon, Kris and her daughters came over and we sat around eating scones that Kris made and talked about writing then we cleaned up and made chocolate lollipops with a Valentine's theme.

Book Trailer

Good morning! I've got cool news. . .Jeannie finished the book trailer for IT HAPPENS IN THREES and it is awesome!!

Check it out at

or on you tube at

Send me a note and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How to write a love scene

I started to write an article on "how to write a love scene", but decided before I go too far that I would see what people needed to know.

The mechanics of writing the love scene are important but my impression from listening to a lot of other writers is that the issue in writing the "love scene" is that it is intimidating and scary. Like you as the writer are putting yourself on display.

So I thought I would try to encompass how to not be bashful and write the scene that your characters want. Does anyone have any other things they think should be mentioned in the article?

Oh! I know, like what do you call the body parts? HA! I so love that. Look at it this way. . .what does your boyfriend, spouse, significant other call "it"?

I wrote a love scene the other day that was different than any of the others I have written so far. I know, I know, you're like. . . "How can it be different?"

Well, I called this a slow and lazy love scene because it starts when the heroine is sleeping and the hero just kind of responds to her body pressed close and moving against him. Nature takes its course. Thank goodness!

Website Updates

Here's the thing about a website. . .you have to keep updating it.

Over the weekend, I added two articles that people had requested. One on passive voice - my favorite and the other on description. Check out the Resources link on my website. I have another article ready once I put in the edits so maybe next week there will be an article on Hooks.

Jeannie updated the contact form on my site so you have to check that out too.

On the books page, I added part of Christy's review of IT HAPPENS IN THREES and a link to the full review on her site.

How does everyone else keep up with their website and still write?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Book Review

This morning when I checked my email, I found a link to a review an author did on my book. First, it was a complete surprise. Second, it was nice to know that someone read the book. :-)
Third, she liked it!

I mean, I like my book and so does my editor/publisher, and of course family and friends, but it's nice to see that someone outside that circle read and enjoyed the story.

If you want to read the review, check out Christy's blog at

Now, here is the question of the day. . .how much do reviews (no matter good or bad) influence a reader's selection? What are your thoughts?

And whose reviews do take to heart? Any particular review sites you visit before going out and buying a book?

Monday, February 2, 2009


Where do we get our inspiration?

I was reminded the other day by a friend of mine (who I have known since high school) that I used to leave him notes on his car and now I'm writing fiction novels, in particular, romantic suspense. He thinks it is hysterical and awesome. :-)

That same high school friend is also my inspiration behind the spy side of my stories. I love the intrigue and suspense.

I also incorporate the technology side of my life into the stories as well. Think about all the cool gadgets that intelligence people use nowadays.

Then, I leverage the places I've been and the adventures I've tried, like scuba diving with my ex. My first book's adventures take place around Florida and Hawaii where we did some amazing diving!

So. . .if you're stuck on a story idea take a look around you and at yourself. What have you done, seen, experienced? What have your family and friends done? Know anyone in the military? Get a copy of their resume and then do some research on what all those acronyms mean. :-)

Then figure out how you can take that New Hampshire amusement park worker and turn her into an undercover agent tracking . . .what? HA! You tell me.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Book in Library

Cool note.

Last night my parents gave me a call to tell me that I hit big time. Well, in their minds I have and this is why.

My grandmother went to her local bookstore in a small town in Iowa called Laurens and the book was actually listed as being there, but someone had checked it out.

How cute is that!

I told my parents that I would be sending my grandmother her very own copy so she didn't have to go to the library and wait for it.

Just the fact that it was in a library so soon floored me. Neat!

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