Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How to write a love scene

I started to write an article on "how to write a love scene", but decided before I go too far that I would see what people needed to know.

The mechanics of writing the love scene are important but my impression from listening to a lot of other writers is that the issue in writing the "love scene" is that it is intimidating and scary. Like you as the writer are putting yourself on display.

So I thought I would try to encompass how to not be bashful and write the scene that your characters want. Does anyone have any other things they think should be mentioned in the article?

Oh! I know, like what do you call the body parts? HA! I so love that. Look at it this way. . .what does your boyfriend, spouse, significant other call "it"?

I wrote a love scene the other day that was different than any of the others I have written so far. I know, I know, you're like. . . "How can it be different?"

Well, I called this a slow and lazy love scene because it starts when the heroine is sleeping and the hero just kind of responds to her body pressed close and moving against him. Nature takes its course. Thank goodness!


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