Thursday, February 12, 2009

One of those...2 days ever just have those days where nothing can go smoothly??


Mine started when I was trying to get my backup server to give me some old files. It did not want to cooperate. And of course this is at 6 in the morning and lasts until at least 9. Then I was finally able to get to some backed up files but copying them to where I wanted so i could use them took forever.

My poor cats went scurrying away everytine I yelled at my computer. :-)

Then I had to install some software. Yeah, okay, this should be a walk in the park. Not so. Because of all the security I have on my computers and network it can be a major pain.

Oh, there were other issues beyond just those but those were the biggest. Do you think I got any writing done? NOT.

Then the next day I my friend Nora emails me about meeting a friend of ours for lunch. Holy cow! I completely forgot. No problem. I decide to sit down and do some writing before I have to go.

I'm all ready to write but I need to get some information on the internet. I'm waiting, and waiting, and waiting...NOTHING. Continuously! I couldn't get my email anymore. UGH!

I, being the smart girl that I am, called the cable/internet company. We went through the issue and it was identified that my cable modem had died. The thing is less than 2 years old!! So I schedule an appointment for them to replace it because it is their modem, but guess when that will be...MONDAY. Flippin' 5 days away.

Again, I being the smart chic that I am, go out and buy a cable modem because I can install it myself. And after lunch with my friends that is exactly what I do. But of course that cannot go smoothly. For those of you who don't has to be done in a very specific order. Sheesh!

On top of that, when I finally do get it set up I still have to call the cable company so they can register the machine in their system so I can use it to access the internet. Do you think that was easy?? Heck, no! It took 5 phone transfers to get to the right person. Unbelievable!!

Anyway, I finally get a guy who was very helpful and does whatever needs to be done on their end and I'm set. Right?

NOT! I still had no internet access. But, I'm no dummy, so I keep the guy on the phone with me until I know it works. I mention something about the router and he says "Router?" In the back of my mind I'm think "DUH!!!!"

So I have to unplug the router and count to ten (love that) and then plug it back in. Woohoo!!!

At 5 PM, I finally had access to the internet. At that point, I was fried, brain-fried. you think I have written a word in 2 days?? Nope. Nada.

BUT - after all that, I think I should write a book titled, WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS :-)


Ceri Hebert February 13, 2009 at 6:53 PM  

It must be nice to be computer literate. Me, not so much. Not the technical stuff anyway. Thank goodness my husband can handle these things.

Hope the following days go smoothly for you.

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