Friday, July 8, 2016

Listen up, politicians!

I don't normally go on tirades so I apologize in advance.

The middle class is fed up. Tax paying citizens are fed up. One party is all about pleasing the wealthy and the other party is all about giving everything to the lower class. No party is interested in the middle class, the class that pays the taxes because they don’t make enough to use the loop holes, the class that makes a little too much to utilize all the freebies the government has for the lower income. We’re the ones paying for the so-called affordable act, but cannot utilize.

You’re all fired!
We voted you to office so you would look out for OUR, EVERYONE’S interests, not what the political office can do for you. We didn’t put you there so you could get paid for doing nothing for the rest of your life or so you didn’t have to pay for better healthcare than what the American public can afford. We put you in Congress not to follow your own agenda and to stall any proposed legislation that doesn’t follow your party’s agenda. We didn’t put you in the Senate to change the way you would vote because it was easier for your time in political office.

We voted for you to make a difference, to do what is best for us, the American public, and that includes the middle class, the tax paying people. Not your special interest group.
The fix is simple. It’s multi-stepped, but simple!

Let’s start with the political office first:

1.     We no longer want a two party system. Your time is done. The donkey and the elephant are out.

2.     Money cannot be used to gain office. If you can’t pay for your running for office, then don’t. The so-called donations and ridiculous fundraisers are corrupting the system. They are out!

3.     Only working people can be voted into office. We want people in office, whether President, Congress, Senate, or any other political office who have worked for a living, who have lived paycheck to paycheck, and who have to pay for their insurance like the rest of us.

4.     If you have done something illegal like hiding government emails on a personal server, you are out! Go to jail and DO NOT collect $200 or your political fundraiser money. We do not want you! Even if the FBI does not have the BALLS to go after you, we the people do not want you. You belong in jail. If you defrauded the public with fake charity donations (LIES) then you are out. If you have a filthy, disgusting, offensive mouth that degrades every person on the face of the planet, you are out! We do not want you as the leader of our country. Heck, we don't want you leading anything. Put you in a closet and muzzle you.

a.     We want politicians or people that hold political offices to be honest with us so we can make accurate an well-informed decisions.
b.   We want people who care and understand about the issues the American citizen are facing and is willing to work on realistic solutions that will not put us into greater debt or offend our allies or citizens.

5.     Term Limits are in! There are no more free rides. You come in, do your term and then you are gone. We do not want stale leaders who can’t think beyond themselves. Term Limits will help get new blood into office who want to make a difference for the American people.

6.     No more free anything! When you leave office you get a job like the rest of us. We will not pay for your livelihood for the rest of your life. We will not pay for your healthcare or your family’s healthcare for the rest of your life. If I can’t afford healthcare for my family, why should I pay for yours?
Now let’s address the overall issues the American people are facing:

1.     Put an accountant in charge of the budget! I’m not sure why this is so difficult? Maybe it’s because as stated above the politicians have never had to work and therefore do not know how to balance a checkbook, but math is easy. If more goes out than comes in, we have a deficit. You learned this in the third grade.

2.     Stop sending jobs overseas! It’s not cheaper. For every dollar you think you are saving, it costs you more is cleanup and support of the garbage that was built or developed by “cheap” labor. My mother always said, “You get what you pay for.” How do you not know this?

a.     Fine every company that outsources jobs overseas. Oh, look, if some CEO of a company decides to go that route then we have just gained tax money that can be put toward our flailing Social Security or our current debt.

b.     By sending jobs overseas you spend more time interpreting the requirements. More time cleaning up what was not understood. More time trying to take it back when you realize they can’t do what you want. It takes more time to do the work overseas because of these things, which equates to more cost.

c.      You also run the risk of the code that you paid for being used by the outsourced company for another company because they do not have the same, if any, intellectual property laws of the United States.

3.     Speaking of overseas, let’s talk non-US citizens. I’m all for letting people come here to follow their dreams. What we, the American people are not okay with, is paying for that dream.

a.     You come here, great! You want to stay, you pay. Stop paying for these folks’ healthcare, education, and whatever else we giveaway. Part of following the dream is paying for it! If I have to pay my taxes, then so should everyone else.

4.       Speaking of taxes. Get rid of the upper class loop holes.

a.     Flat tax. Everyone pays and everyone pays the same rate. Wow! There you go, another avenue to put toward that gigantic debt and a way to repay the money borrowed from the flailing Social Security.

5.     Following the dream in many instances is getting a higher education. Yea, for education! Should it be free? Maybe, maybe not. However, if you borrow money, like many of us do then you should pay it back.

a.     I had student loans when I went to school and you bet I paid it back. That is part of the responsibility of growing up. It’s part of the higher education dream. Could we do something about the high expense, like the $30K or more per year to go to college. Yes!

b.     Make it reasonably priced. Why can you take the same course at a local college and it costs 1/3 the price of a major 4-year university? Fix this!

c.     The loan repayment fees, meaning the interest rate should be low so a student just out of school who will probably end up back at home for a period of time and searching for a job can repay when they get their first job that barely meets their cost of living and the gas to get to the job.

6.     Healthcare and the affordable care act is a crock! The cost of healthcare today is triple what the monthly cost was just ten years ago and the deductibles are outrageous. We don’t have healthcare. We have catastrophe insurance. This can be fixed.

a.     The Affordable Care Act is illegal. The Federal government cannot mandate a policy that is state owned. Meaning, since we are stuck using whatever insurance is available in the state we live in, the Affordable Care Act is illegal.

b.     If you take it back to being state owned, which it truly is anyway, as stated above, because you can only choose from the options your state has available then we open the market to interstate commerce and the insurance companies vying for your business. The price goes down and the value goes up. Supply and demand. Right now that does not exist because the Federal government interfered where they have no business treading.

c.     Now, if you also want to fix this then go after the pharmaceutical companies that charge a fortune for a pill that someone has to take every day. Make it affordable. Wow! There is your affordable care act.

d.     Make the price of a doctor visit between one place and another the same. Why should one doctor charge $75 and another charge $150 for the same routine checkup? Same thing with a visit to a hospital or a special test. Why should we, the consumer of the mandated insurance need to shop around for a better price? Here is your affordable care act. It’s actually cheaper for these services if you do not have insurance and you pay cash at the visit. The increase in cost is largely due to the overhead required by the Affordable Care Act. Obviously a misnomer in the naming.

e.     Let’s talk more about the pharmaceutical companies. There are already drugs out there that can cure diseases and certain cancers. Nanotechnology exists that can target a cancer instead of chemotherapy that basically kills everything in the body. Why is the government letting the pharmaceutical companies not sell these and sell these at a reasonable price? Why should we, the consumers, have to keep paying exorbitant prices on any drug and for insurance so they can keep doing more and more research?

                                                               I.      If you follow the information above, we, the American people are good at fundraising and donating. We want people to live happy and healthy lives.

                                                             ii.      If you received the taxes you should be getting from the upper class, then you could afford more research and lower the cost of drugs that actually cure something instead of address symptoms.

f.      Back to the overseas topic. Actually, let’s discuss the topic of allowing foreign owned companies to buy American companies. This is a disaster and you know this.

                                                               i.      These companies do not know our rules and regulations, nor do they care to. They only care about their country and their regulatory reporting.

                                                             ii.      They structure their organizations in a way that they do not have to pay the taxes that they should and the government knows this but for some reason has not enforced the laws to get the taxes. Wow! The debt is getting lower and lower.

                                                           iii.      These foreign owned companies take advantage of the vacation visas. 50% or more of the people that they bring in from their country to work at a US organization are not here on work visas. They are here on vacation visas. Is that being looked at? What amount of money are we losing here? What laws are being broken? Hmm…Taxes are not being paid here.

                                                           iv.      The owners of these companies bring in people from overseas to work at higher wages than the token US citizens they hire.

                                                             v.      They do not follow our labor laws. For example, one bank only allows the hourly worker to enter in 8 hours into the online timesheet system, which is illegal.

                                                           vi.      They do not pay overtime or they try to tell you they will only pay $50 for 8 hours of work, which is illegal if that does not cover the hourly rate of the employee.

                                                          vii.      Speaking of employees. These same companies do not do all the work here in the US. As a matter of fact, they tend to want 50% or more of the work to be done in their country. Again, we are losing US jobs to this, not to mention tax revenue.

                                                        viii.      Do you know where your personal and confidential data is? Depending on the type of organization your financial information is being sent to another country and depending on the type of business and information this is in some instances against federal regulations. These companies are not being regulated and told to fix this. Remember what I mention above, some countries do not have the same intellectual property laws as we do so once your data is overseas, it’s free reign for them to use it however they want.

                                                            ix.      If you want to allow a foreign company to buy a business in the US, then make them pay the taxes as mentioned above for every person they bring in from another country to work as that is taking a job away from a tax paying US citizen.

                                                             x.      If you want to allow a foreign company to buy a business in the US, then be sure they follow ALL the US rules and regulations and don’t just fine the company, enforce the rules.

g.     Veterans are people too. Listen up, politicians! These are the people that went out and put their lives on the line for our safety and our future. It’s time to pay back. They deserve better healthcare and if we aren’t paying for you all for the rest of your lives then we can afford to take care of the men and women who have sacrificed, served and deserve good healthcare.

h.     As far as healthcare is concerned, let’s dive into genetically modified organism (GMO) and Monsanto. We don’t want it! It is causing cancers and other health care issues. It’s a known fact and yet, you, the so-called politicians and government of the people do not seem to care that these foods are killing US citizens. This is all about the mighty dollar of big corporations and politicians, not what is right for the public and our health.

                                                               i.      I have an idea, fine or tax the producers of GMO foods. There ya go, we’re lowering the debt even more.

i.       Guns! You have no right to take away our Constitutional right to carry weapons. If you want to make the process of owning a weapon more stringent then by all means do so. But do not think that the Federal government or even the state government (CALIFORNIA) have the right to rewrite our Constitution and take away our rights! Get over yourselves.

                                                               i.      We, the tax paying CITIZENS, have the right to protect ourselves and our homes.

                                                             ii.      Most violence is done with illegally obtained weapons. What are you doing about that? These people are the reason you should make the process of obtaining weapons more stringent. NOT to take away our RIGHT to carry weapons.

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