Thursday, April 2, 2020

Positivity Project #3 - Lets READ

Good afternoon!

Are you one of those people who says, “I never have enough time to read?” or my favorite, “I only read on summer break.”
GASP! That is just so wrong and my heart aches for you.

Not sure how exactly that could ever be the case. Find 30 minutes in the morning or before bed and guarantee you will start or end your day relaxed.
Do it! Try it! No better time than NOW.

How big is your To Be Read pile? I usually have a TBR pile of only one or two books. I tend to read what I buy immediately. I am more like a kid in a candy store. I want and I want to read it NOW!
My dad (remember he is on an extended visit with me) has read several books since he started his visit. He reads a little in the morning with his morning coffee, a little in the afternoon, and a little to relax before bed at night.

Now the good part is that we enjoy the same books– mostly. Like he loves to read Sharon Sala who happens to be one of my favorite authors. If you enjoy a good romance and ones with a little mystery with characters you can’t help but fall in love with then Dad and I both recommend Sharon Sala and especially her “Blessings Georgia” series. See the photos. But we love all of Sharon’s books.

I finished “The Vanishing”, the latest paranormal mystery by Jayne Ann Krentz. Jayne does a terrific job with paranormal. She and Heather Graham are my two favorites in this genre. I mean what more could a person want: mystery, paranormal, and romance.

We also both enjoy David Baldacci and John Sanford. Dad just re-read “The Collectors” by David Baldacci.
I got Dad started on reading “The Kidd” series by John Sandford. Having lived in Minnesota, we both love and have known a character like his “Virgil Flowers” character, we recommend John Sandford books.

I am finishing up Linda Lael Miller’s latest book, “Country Strong” from her new Painted Pony Creek series. Anytime you want a good romance that takes place on a ranch then Linda Lael Miller is where you want to turn.

Next up on my list is “The Shape of the Night” by Tess Gerritsen. Another author my dad and I have in common. No doubt he will read this one when I am finished, but for now, get in line.
Tell us what you are reading. What author or series do you recommend?

Can’t get your hands on a book right now? Well, you are in luck. Until June 30th we have a National Emergency Library open for digital reading of over 1.4 million books. FREE. Visit this link:
Novels not your thing? That’s okay, Marvel has free digital read of some of their comic books available. FREE. Visit this link:

Prefer someone to read you a bedtime story? Well, Dolly Parton on Facebook can help you out. FREE. Visit this link:
If you know of other ways to get free reads, please share what you have discovered.

More than anything—HAPPY READING!!




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