Sunday, September 1, 2013

It isn’t the speed of a runner that counts, it’s the heart

When it comes to running in a race most runners are there to compete against themselves, not against the other runners. Sure, some are there to win, but the majority are there to beat their best time.

But when it comes to another runner being injured, other runners forget themselves and put their heart into caring. I witnessed this firsthand yesterday morning.
We were about three miles into the race when I noticed three runners on the side. Two of them were helping another runner who wasn’t feeling great. When I saw her tilt and step back as if in a faint, I ran over. The two other runners grabbed her arms and got her to sit down and I handed her my Gatorade. Between us, we got her hydrated and breathing slower. Another runner ran ahead to get medical personnel. Thank goodness that every race has emergency folks on hand for just such occurrences.

The heart of a runner isn’t just about keeping the body going when the legs want to give out. It’s about foregoing your best time because a fellow runner is in trouble and needs you.
This is one reason why I love running!


Dad September 1, 2013 at 9:21 PM  

Nice touch kid.

Love ya,

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