Monday, July 7, 2014

Ultra Around the Lake for our Heroes

In three weeks I will endeavor to run my next ultra, a 24-hr race. GASP! I know, right. But I do this not just for me and my addiction to running (some would say I'm obsessive). I do this for our Heroes, our Veterans who have come home with PTSD.

The run is called the Ultra Around the Lake and takes place on July 25 and 26 in Wakefield, Massachusetts. It starts at 9 PM on Friday and goes until 9 PM Saturday. While I hope many of my friends will come out to run or walk a lap with me or two and just generally be my moral support, I'm asking everyone for a little more.

In my attempt to run a 24 hour ultra, I hope to raise awareness and funds for a fantastic organization called Heroes Project. Heroes Project mission is to give back to our Service men and women by providing them with fitness equipment, gym memberships, personal training, and life coaching. They provide all this and more to help boost the mental and physical fitness of those Veterans who struggle with PTSD.

My part is, but I'm running for what I believe is a tremendous cause. To aid those individuals who have sacrificed so much for us and our freedom.

Won't you help me help Heroes Project and our Veterans? It's simple. Reach into your pocket and pull out whatever cash you have on hand. Now, set it aside, click this link --> Run for Heroes and donate that amount. It's that simple! All the money you donate goes directly to Heroes Project.

You want to give more? Please do so. No one will turn you down.

If you want some incentive, here is my goal for the race. I will definitely run or walk for 50 miles. My goal beyond that is to run, walk or crawl if I must for a total of 75 miles.

Help a runner out and donate. Thank you! Run for Heroes Donation link


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