Sunday, April 1, 2012

THE END - Are there any words sweeter to a writer?

For a reader, those two words mean an ending. To an author they are the most wonderful three-letter words in the dictionary. It’s a sign that what you spent months crafting has finally concluded, more than likely to a happy ending. THE END means the story is done, but the work has just begun. We get to edit the manuscript, polish it, and pretty it up for the entire world or in most cases, for the publisher to see.

THE END are two words that make a writer feel exultant and sad at the same time. Exultant, because we completed a piece of art. Sad, because our baby has come to the finish line and now we have to put those characters aside and let others take their place.

At 10:52 PM on Saturday, March 31, I wrote those two beautiful words on my sixth novel known as At Face Value. One hour ahead of my self-imposed deadline. Yea me!

What does an author do when he or she writes those two words?

Well, if you’re like me, you jump up out of the chair that your butt has now permanently dented and you dance. You pump your arms up and down and shake your booty; all while chanting, “The end! The end!”

Then you blow out a heavy sigh, hit send to email that final chapter to you critique partner and give a little prayer that he or she likes it.

After that, it hits you. Those two characters are gone. They are shut away until you see them again in print behind a beautiful cover. A tear may slide down your cheek or you may give a little sniff. I equate it to saying goodbye to a longtime friend when they move away. Oh, you’ll see and talk with them again, but it won’t be for a while.

Don’t worry though! There are usually characters waiting in line, shoving themselves forward, vying for a spot in the next novel. As a matter of fact, my hero for my next novel was knocking on my door this morning wondering when he and I can get together to chat. We have to get to know each other before I can tell his story.

His name is Rory O’Sullivan and he wants me to tell you all about him, his trials, tribulations, and his experiences that brought him to where he is today.

My next heroine, who I only know as Dakota right now, is just an inkling in the back of my mind, but she’s there. Give her another week and she may just spring up from a behind a bush and pounce, wanting to tell her story.

For all you writers out there, my best wishes for you to write those words, to write THE END.


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