Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fun with Lists and Guilty Pleasures

Last weekend I was in a bookstore. GASP! Can't imagine that, can you?

While at the bookstore I found this cool book about your life in lists. It wasn't anything fancy, just a little notebook that asks you to make different lists.

That listography book gave me an idea that we could have some fun with lists.

Today's List: List your guilty pleasures

My guilty pleasures:

Ice cream with hot fudge AND caramel sauce
Chick Flicks
Books!! (Did I need to mention that?)
Sexy underwear (Okay, what female does not like this? I, however, bought one new pair for the 14 days for my upcoming Irish vacation.)
Flowers (I go crazy in the summer. I plant new flowers every weekend and order an outrageous number of bulbs. I look for any bare spot in the garden to fill. I'm obsessed!)
Margarita (Not just any margarita...The perfect margarita! I savor every sip, salt lick, and drop of tequila.)
Veuve Cliquot champagne (When I sell a novel, I celebrate with champagne.)

I'm certain I have more, but some may be a tad risque to share here. [WINK]

What are your guilty pleasures?


Maurice Williams April 10, 2012 at 9:37 AM  

Video Games, Soap Operas and Super Hero Comic Books.

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