Sunday, August 12, 2012

Do heroes wear pajamas?

I’ve been contemplating this topic for a couple of days now and decided it was time to write about it. Do heroes wear pajamas?

Don’t laugh. This is a very serious question. When you’re writing or reading about a hero do you want to see your hero in a plaid, flannel night clothes? How about pj’s with horses or their favorite football team on the shirt and pants? Do you dream about crawling into bed with a man who wears silk top and pants to bed?

Okay, so forgive me if I put my spin on this, but no. No only no, but hell no. First of all, silk is slippery so if you wrap your arms around the man wearing silk they would just slide back off. And flannel, while sexy on a strong lumberjack chopping wood for a cozy mountain fire, is not sexy in bed. Any guy who wears his sports team logo on his pajamas is still a child inside and your heroine should not be sleeping with him.

Can you imagine sitting up in bed, all sex-kittenish and waiting for the man of your dreams to walk out of the bathroom and in he walks wearing a button down shirt and pants that say “Wanna go for a test drive?” written on it in a very strategic place?

Ladies…run! Run as fast as you can, as far as you can.

What if the hero just wears the pajama bottoms to bed?

Hmm. This could be moderately better. At least you can touch some skin. Reach that hand around and run it along his six-pack abs, because every hero has the perfect abs and not some hangover belly. Maybe grab on to one of his strong pecs and give it a good squeeze, feeling those muscles flex underneath your palm. No man boobs on our hero. Maybe the heroine twirls her fingers in the hero’s chest hair. Okay, that’s the heroine fantasy, guys tend to get a little nervous that women will tweak it and pull. Ouch!

Wouldn’t it be cute if the hero wore the bottoms and the heroine wore the top of the pajamas? GAG!

That is just too icky sweet for words. You remember those horse costumes where one person was the front end and the other was the back end? Yeah, that’s what that reminds me of.

And what does the hero wear under those pajama bottoms? Same kind of question for men in kilts right? Only, the kilt idea is kind of sexy because you’re seeing those rugged, hairy legs and you're fantasizing about what he's wearing or not wearing underneath.

Underwear under pajama bottoms? That’s just too many clothes to remove in the middle of the night when you want to roll over, hop on, and take your cowboy for a ride.

So, when you’re curled up reading a good book, or you fantasize about your hero, should he wear pajamas?

What should he wear to bed?


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Anonymous September 6, 2012 at 6:39 AM  

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