Sunday, March 3, 2013

Books and Brewery

With my next book release approaching in a couple of months for AT FACE VALUE, I've been doing some thinking. Yeah, okay, I think a lot, but this has me thinking of Ireland. In particular, it has me dreaming (maybe not dreaming, but daydreaming) about the Dingle Brewing Company.

The Dingle Brewing Company sits at a fork in the road in a small building that was once a creamery. It resembles more of a house than a brewery.

Beneath and alongside the brewery runs a spring, the same spring water that is used in its beer called Crean's, named after Tom Crean, an explorer and a hero who died in 1938.

Crean's is a hefeweizen and is fantastic!

Here's why I am thinking about Dingle Brewing Company. When you sit down to read a good book, don't you usually pour yourself a glass of something cold and maybe a tad alcoholic. I do! I like a nice cold beer. Some people prefer wine, but me, I'm an old-fashioned kind of girl. I prefer a hearty brew with a lot of taste to pair with my latest fiction novel.

Don't you think that a book launch party at an Ireland brewery, one that I have visited and enjoyed in one of my favorite places in the world would be the perfect place to launch a book that takes place in Ireland? One of the main characters has Irish roots and her family owns and runs a local pub. What could be more fitting than a Books and Brewery launch party at the Dingle Brewing Company?

I would love to get their beer here in the states, but gee, I would not be adverse to traveling to Ireland for a good beer and a fun book launch.

What do ya think?


Dad March 3, 2013 at 11:05 AM  

This sounds like a Wonderful idea to me. What would be a better place than in the country and in an establishment just like the heroine of your book? They may even have a cold beer to celebrate the occasion. :)

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