Monday, August 11, 2008

Book Signing

Ok, so here I am, months away from having my first book published and I'm contemplating how and where to do a book signing. What I just read suggested to do a "book signing event". What exactly does that mean? Am I supposed to have clowns and balloons? Or maybe stand on my head? (not that I could)

I know the owner of a local breakfast and ice cream shop called Sammy J's. We had a quick chat this morning about the idea of having a signing at her place. What do ya think?

Personally, I love the idea. But how do I make this an event? And of course the real test is how to get people to attend the event and then buy a book.

I need suggestions. Help!

Remember, the title of my new book is IT HAPPENS IN THREES. I'd like to come up with an idea that encompasses the title or events from the book. On a side note, I will probably be giving away chocolate-shaped books. Whew...that's one idea.

Any ideas?


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