Thursday, August 14, 2008

Writer's Block - Writing Prompt

It's been suggested that one way of dealing with writer's block is to take a step back from what you're currently working on. Take a step back, but write something that stimulates your creative writing. I've been looking into this and what I've found is something called a "writing prompt".

The idea behind a writing prompt is to be given a small amount of information and you start with that and let your writing take you wherever. One type of writing prompt gives you a character, a setting, and a plot, and the goal is to write a short story or paragraph that uses those. Or sometimes it's just three words, not even complete sentences to base your story on, such as red, wagon, courtyard.

Yet another version to a writing prompt is to start with a "hook" sentence. The key here is that the hook isn't complete. It's your job as the writer to finish it. I like this idea because it gets you thinking of how to writing a sentence that's a hook as well as boosting your writing creativity and sweeping away that nasty writer's block. Think of this as the sentence that will hook your reader, an editor, and the start of your next short story or novel. You want to grab the audience's attention from the very beginning.

In honor of the Hook Writing Prompt, I thought I would post one and see if it helps inspire you. . .or me. I'll give one today and then again next week. Feel free to share whatever you come up with. I'll share mine too.

Here's your Writing Prompt: Good luck!

The moment the limousine took off . . .


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