Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ice Storm and Writing

Good morning everyone!

So I have been without power due to an ice storm for 5 days now. The only reason I can even write this blog is because I am sitting in Panera where several other people are trying to get a break from the bleak cold and darkness of our powerless homes. Yesterday I had to throw all food out of my refrigerator and freezer before the smell killed me. Ugh!

Beyond the obvious, this storm and the after effects has put a hurting on my creativity. Even though I have lots of time, I don't have any desire to write due to the simple fact that all I want is my power back and the situation is all encompassing.

And since I tend to write better with my computer this has been an even bigger challenge when you have no power and the battery life on a computer is minimal. Not to mention that without power there is also no internet access...ergo Panera.

The worst part of all this is the rudeness of the poer folks when you call to ask if they have a clue when my street will be set. The kicker came for me the other day when I saw that all streets around me had power including the dang amusement park next door (that's not even open for business) and my lonely street is just waiting.

Last night someone even painted a sign and set it on the very well lit street corner that asked, "National Grid, did you forget about us?" That sign actually lifted my spirits because I was glad to see I was not the only one upset by their lack of response. :-)

Anyway, my third novel was on quite a roll but now I'm trying just to hit 50000 words by end of year instead of completing the novel. Oh, and impossible to research when you have no internet access.

I'll try to write again soon and hopefully with good news of power having been restored.


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