Friday, May 20, 2011

Rainy day ideas

What do you do on a rainy day?

Perhaps you sing the song you learned as a kid "Rain, rain, go away. . ." Maybe you curl back under the covers and hide, tuning the pounding of the rain on the roof out.

How about some ideas that might be a tad more interesting? Here are some rainy day ideas.

Go bowling. Yeah, I said that. When was the last time you called a couple of friends up and said, "Let's go bowling." You can't beat throwing a ball down some wooden alley and watching it crash against ten pins. And you'd probably lean this way and that trying to help the pins tumble. Not to mention that a bowling alley usually has pub food and beer. This is a great way to blow off rainy day steam.

See a movie. Take your best friend or that special someone and check out the latest chick flick or romantic comedy. A good laugh and a bucket of popcorn will chase those rainy day blues away.

Go to the mall. No, I did not say go shopping. I said go to the mall. Get out of the rain by going into the mall and walk. There is nothing so entertaining as people watching in a mall. Seeing a man with a flat top cut wearing black horn-rimmed glasses dressed in red dockers, green polo, beige sadal shoes will put a smile on your face. Or perhaps you see the woman with five pigtails in her hair all dressed up with colorful bows and ribbons wearing a rainbow sweater, sweat pants, and a tutu. Actually, I see this everyday and it always makes me grin.

If you're a writer, why not write. Take that laptop, a cup of flavored coffee (maybe spiked) then curl up in your favorite chair and write. Don't just write anything. Write a scene that takes place in teh rain. I picture a scene with a killer stalking his prey through the woods while she runs, heart pounding in her chest, wet bangs blurring her vision while she tries to stay upright and not slip and fall on the wet leaves. Or maybe it's a rainy day love scene. The hero shows up and sees the heroine standing out on her deck in a white T-shirt, the rain dropping down in heavy rivulets, the shirt sticking to her body. Now words are needed. Just a look. . .

Whew! I might have to go write that love scene.

Have a wonderful rainy day!!


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