Monday, September 12, 2011

Visit a local used bookstore and read

When your doctor gives you the order to do nothing, can you do it?

Uh. . .nope, not me, never. That's what I would have said until this past weekend. Somehow I managed to do very little. That's a new trick for me.

How did I do this?

I accomplished this amazing feat (just ask my friends how amazing) by taking a long drive and then winding my way to a wonderful used bookstore that I haven't visited in quite some time. What a treat!

Within five seconds of walking into the store I found an anthology that has one of my favorite authors in it and a story I have never read. Jackpot!

At the back of the store in this little corner I found some old, out of print, early Harlequin edition books. I was down on hands an knees looking at every title and every author. Yippee! What a special treat. I snatched up about five of those books. Believe me, I held back.

As I made my way back to the front of the store I saw a section with another selection of books from an author that I love. Books I had never even heard of. Holy cow! That is absolutely the best when you find new books, or rather old books by a favored author. I grabbed up every one of the titles I had never heard of.

All total, I walked out of the bookstore with ten new/used books. I hit the readers motherload!

What did I do with all these books?

You are kidding, right? I came home and continued my relaxing day by curling up on the sofa and read. I read one of the out of print books and finished it. On to the next!

Tell us about your last trip to a used bookstore.


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