Friday, January 27, 2012

Phish NET Stalkings available on ebook

All Jane wanted was to find love. Was that too much to ask?

How difficult could it be to find one man, the perfect man for her? After dating the losers of the century, Jane decides there has to be a better way. She turns to an online dating service. After all, they guarantee a ‘happily ever after’ or your money back.

Jane East, CEO of Not-So-Plain-Jane’s organic cosmetics wants to fall in love with a man who makes her toes curl when he kisses her. Unfortunately, the one man who makes her toes curl also wears ladies’ pink underwear and a badge. The pink underwear she could probably deal with, but the badge is a different story.

Ever since seeing her mother and granny Pearl murdered by men with badges, Jane has a fear of cops and anyone who carries a badge. Especially, because the killers are still on the loose and searching for her.

Former FBI Cybercrime special agent turned small-town Chief of Police, Cooper Chance, gets caught with his pants down and his family jewels tucked in pink ladies’ underwear with lacy frills when he meets the woman of his dreams. That’s not his only issue. The woman has a fear of cops. If he can get past her guard, maybe he can save her life.

The ebook is out now and available at:

Phish NET Stalkings will be available at Barnes & Noble and in print soon!!


E-books March 2, 2012 at 6:30 AM  

An eBook reader is, most simply put, any device which can be used to read eBooks. An eBook reader can be as simple as the cellphone or PDA on which a Japanese subway rider reads the latest cell phone novel, or as advanced as the home computer on which an eBook reader can click his way through the pages of PDFs or works in other formats.

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