Saturday, April 27, 2013

Halfway point of Dewey Read-a-thon

I've made it twelve hours into the Dewey 24-hour read-a-thon and I'm still kicking. However, I have to change up the pace. I need a couple of quicker reads. I'm going to read a couple of shorter books, something around 200 pages.

How goes it with all you other readers? Have you caught some cat naps? Got those healthy or unhealthy snacks and loads of caffeine to keep you motivated?

Say hi and thanks to the cheerleaders!

My next books will be a couple of older books written by Elizabeth Lowell.

Here's a little about the Fever:

Lisa Johansen had been raised around the world in the most primitive cultures her anthropologist-parents could reach. Finally they sent her back to the United States to find a husband. But Lisa wanted something more…

Ryan McCall had been raised with the best his wealthy father could provide. Now his father impatiently awaited the arrival of grandchildren. But Rye wasn’t interested in any of the well-trained beauties his father kept sending. Rye wanted something more…

In McCall’s meadow, both of them find the fever that burns through flesh all the way to the soul. But can that fever survive the civilization beyond the meadow’s timeless beauty?

Next up is Dark Fire. Here's a liitle about the book:

Cindy McCall wanted only one thing—to be loved for herself rather than for Big Eddy McCall’s fortune.

Trace Rawlings never knew his father or his mother, but he had made a home for himself in the beautiful, treacherous cloud forests of Ecuador.

When Trace accepts a job guiding Cindy McCall safely through the wild forests, he believes he is being paid only for his local knowledge. Cindy believes she has hired Trace for his skill. Both are wrong.

When Big Eddy’s deception is revealed, Trace and Cindy have to fight to hold on to what they found deep in the cloud forest--the dark fire of love.


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