Thursday, August 27, 2009

In one quick motion. . .answered

Did you write something for the prompt: In one quick motion. . .

In one quick motion, her life changed forever. The day David gave her the anatomically correct ceramic frogs changed everything for Jane. Jane went from being a poor college student struggling to get by with no real plan for a future to a very wealthy college student who changed her major from just chemistry to a double major in chemistry and business and a strategy of achieving her lifelong dream, along with a new friend.

From that day forward, Jane’s sole focus had been with a goal of starting her own business. And she did it. In three years, she finished school Magna Cum Laude and opened the doors to ‘Not-so-plain-Jane’s’, her first boutique. With David Conrad by her side or more accurately stated, with David behind the glittery doorway beads to the backroom mixing up the herbs and oils, Jane launched her organic cosmetics business.

The original boutique, which she still owned today along with four others across the country and managed herself one day a week began her lifelong dream of belonging. She loved visiting ‘Not-so-plain-Jane’s’. Jane pulled up behind the store that started it all, parked, and stepped out of the car, punching the lock mechanism on the key as she strolled to the back door of the shop.

Shifting the box in her arms, Jane unlocked the steel door, yanked it open, and quickly stepped inside. She had thirty seconds to disarm the alarm before the contraption would sound off. As Jane crossed the threshold and moved into the backroom, the music of Pretty Woman sing-songed throughout the space. She rushed to the keypad, and juggling the box again, she punched in the first two digits of her code then stopped her finger poised over the next number. The alarm was not set. Frowning, Jane looked around the backroom for Marion’s signature rainbow-colored tote, but did not see it.

“Maybe one of the sales girls?” she wondered aloud as she set her own bag on the herb bench, the area where the staff crushed dried herbs and packaged for such things as dryer sachets, drawer sachets, and potpourri. She glanced beneath the bench. No backpacks or pocketbooks hid behind the lace that curtained off a storage space employees used to keep their personal belongings secure from anyone who would mistakenly wander into the room.

Hm. Jane spun on her narrow high heels and hollered. “Anyone here? Marion?”
As she shoved a handful of jade and lavender beads out of the doorway, she snaked her hand around in front of her and flicked the light switch. Jane froze, her wide-eyed gaze skimming the room.

“Oh my gosh!” Jane slapped a hand over her mouth at the sight that greeted her. Not-so-plain-Jane products littered the bamboo floor of the boutique. Bile rose up in the back of her throat and threatened to join the shampoo oozing out of its bottle onto the floor.

Jane took a step in retreat and whirled. A large hand clamped over her mouth, stifled the scream that threatened to escape her lips.


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