Friday, January 15, 2010

Bagels & Books event at Big Easy Bagel

Would you like a book with that?

Not the usual question you hear at a bagel shop, but you’re invited to enjoy a book with your bagel on Jan. 23, when highly acclaimed techno-romantic thriller author Denise Robbins and mystery-romance author Nora LeDuc stop by to sign copies of their novels at Big Easy Bagel in Manchester, N.H.

Called a master of the techno-romantic thriller field, Robbins is a software engineering manager who uses her knowledge of computers and technology to create tales of crime, romance, and suspense.

As a regular customer at the bagel shop, she looks forward to seeing familiar faces at the Bagel and Book event and hopes new readers stop by as well. “What better way to spend a cold, winter day than with a bagel and a book?” she said.

Coffee Time Romance called Robbins’ last novel Killer Bunny Hill, a “gripping suspense story,” while Café of Dreams said in its review, “Ms. Robbins blends together secrets, intrigue, suspense, and romance as easily and wonderfully as a master chef blends the ingredients for a delectable gourmet meal.

Robbins’ newest novel, Connect the Dots takes readers on a page-turning tale of suspense, intrigue and international espionage with a storyline ripped straight from today’s headlines. Torture, secret prisons, and ghost flights are just a few of the modern-day themes touched upon in Connect the Dots, which was just released on Dec. 15.

Readers are invited to stop by Big Easy Bagel, located at 2626 Brown Avenue, Manchester, N.H. on Jan. 23, from Noon to 2 p.m.

Nora and I hope to see you there!


April January 18, 2010 at 1:48 PM  

Denise, I have given you an award, my friend!

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