Thursday, January 28, 2010

Drawing pictures in words

This morning I woke up surprise there, but I was thinking about drawing pictures in words. If you're like me when you first write something you don't always put the description of the scene in first, especially when I'm handwriting something in the middle of getting a haircut. I write the telling version. When I'm at my computer I take out the telling portion and draw the image in words.

Can you believe this is the stuff that wakes me up in the morning?

Anyway, I thought we could use some exercises in drawing an image through words. I'll throw out a few sentences that TELL and you post your comments back with the SHOWING.

You ready? Here are a few sentences to have fun with.

She sat contemplating.

He looked angry.

She appeared embarassed.

He wanted her.

Happy writing and look forward to seeing your descriptive showing of one, some, or all of the above sentences.


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