Thursday, July 7, 2011

She watched his. . .

Yesterday was Writing Prompt Wednesday. I could have gone so many ways with this prompt and this is certainly the cleaner of all versions that popped into my creative little head.

How did you do?

Here is my clean yet creative shot at yesterday's writing prompt.

Writing prompt: She watched his. . .

She watched his lips slide into a sly grin as he tilted his head closer, within an inch of her own lips. Then his mouth parted ever so slightly and she felt his warm, sweet breath breeze across her lips.

The tug to lean into him, close here eyes and let her self be taken by this man was so strong that for a moment she felt as if a tidal wave engulfed her and she would soon sink in. At the last minute, she shook herself back to reality. She shoved at his chest and stepped out of his reach.

In slow motion, she watched his arms windmill, his feet give way, and then. . .SPLASH!


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