Friday, February 3, 2012

Honorable mention by local radio talent

What a way to get a smile on my face!

This afternon while working I received a message from local radio host Heather Bishop-Dumka telling me she gave me some love.

In the article link, Heather is interviewed fo the UUnion Leader's Top 40 under 40. It's a great article about a terrific, lady, mother, radio personality, and humanitarian. Read the article That midday voice on the radio might belong to WZID's Heather Bishop-Dumka

On the left-hand portion of the article you get to learn a few more personal things about Heather AND how she is reading my book, KILLER BUNNY HILL.

Terrific article, Heather!! Thanks much for the mention. I'll have to make sure you get a copy of PHISH NET STALKINGS when I get it in my hands.


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