Thursday, February 8, 2018

Friends and Neighbors

Remember when you were a kid and how you had friends in the neighborhood? Remember how your parents used to hang out on the weekend with your friends' parents?

Do people do that anymore? Do you know your neighbors?

I remember playing Frisbee across the street with all our neighbors, friends, and parents. The memories of cookouts with neighbors and friends is vivid in my mind. I recall playing at each others houses and my mom getting together for coffee with other moms in the neighborhood.

What about you?

I am happy to say I know my neighbors and they are friends. Maybe I don't know all my neighbors, but definitely some. We do hang out together. In the summer we hang out at the fire pit. In the spring we talk about what flowers we are going to plant and ooo, aahh over the results. In the winter I can send a text that says, "Steak Thursday night?" and get a response back from, "I'll do the sides."

Recently one of my neighbors moved to Georgia where his family lives. While I am ecstatic for him and his family, I am sad by my loss of the friend and neighbor that I can call up and say, "Chicken wings?" or "A movie?" Sometimes I could even convince Mike to take a long walk with me. Even though he has moved miles and miles away, we still stay in contact. We are friends.

Oh my gosh! The day I bought my house I was introduced to my neighbor and now friend, Donna. The first thing she said to me was, "This is the view you will see all summer." Then she proceeded to bend over and show me her backside. Because she spends a lot of time in her yard and gardens.

I knew at that moment we would be friends! And I am grateful to have them in my life.

Are your neighbors friends?


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