Sunday, February 11, 2018

Laughter is good medicine

They say laughter is the best medicine. How can you disagree?

The benefits of laughing are all-around fantastic! Laughing has a relaxing effect. In this day of stress as the norm, relaxation is something we should seek.

Laughing boosts your energy, boosts immunity, decreases muscle tension and pain, and helps prevent heart disease.

I did it!
When you are sitting around drinking your coffee with coconut oil and you watch your skinny cat hop in a box and I swear practically bounce back out again you have to laugh.

When Mayhem's chubby brother tries to crawl in the box (because his backside is to chunky to jump) and the box keeps sliding across the floor you MUST laugh. Mischief did make it into the box but I could not stop laughing. He is so dang cute and was so determined. What is it about cats and boxes?

What was funnier was watching Mischief try to turn around inside the small box. He did it!

His brother, Mayhem cracks me up. I was eating chicken for lunch the other day and of course he wants to eat some. I sit a piece on the counter for him and the entertainment ensues. Check out these photos of him getting the piece of chicken off the counter.

Oh! I spy chicken.
Come here, chicken!

Together these two brothers, Mischief and Mayhem keep me laughing and entertained on a daily basis. Look at those faces! I am blessed with these two troublemakers.

Where does your daily does of humor come from?


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