Friday, February 16, 2018

Unexpected Flowers

Don't you just love flowers?

I do!

I love the colors, the shapes, the smile that crosses your lips when you see them. I love my garden and I love planting more and more flowers every year. Yes, it's kind of an obsessive-compulsive thing.

What's even better is receiving flowers from a friend. The other day I was waiting for a girlfriend so we could drive together to run the Fat Tuesday 5K. When she showed up she surprised me with not a dozen tulips, but three dozen tulips. Gorgeous!

For the record, I love tulips!! They are just such happy flowers. I love how they sleep at night and open up during the day. They look like they are smiling, which makes me smile.

The fact that these flowers were a huge surprise from a great friend made my day. And the tulips were pink. My favorite color!

Don't you just love good surprises?

The unexpected is what makes life interesting. Don't ya think?

Grateful for my friend for being a part of my life and for bringing a smile to my lips.

I hope you all have wonderful friends in your life. Hope you not only appreciate a terrific surprise but you do the surprising.

Have a terrific day and may the unexpected be positive!


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