Sunday, February 4, 2018

I love to read!

When I say I love to read, I mean I like to read anything ad everything. I crave to read. I crave losing myself in a story, I crave learning something, I crave just the peacefulness of my mind when I'm in a book.

Mostly I read mystery, suspense, romance. But I do veer off the "normal" path and read non-fiction (especially books on what entrepreneurs went thru when they started their business). Not the "how-to" books because quite frankly that is boring. I want to know the pain and suffering and the joys of the unknown, the failures, and the successes. I'll read books in running, again not a how-to, but the journey that other people have go through to get to be the runner they are today. I'll even read science fiction. Okay, not very often and only if someone I trust recommends a book. That's how I suffered through the first 100 pages of "Dune" and then loved it til the end.

Yesterday I read a book because it caught my eye with the title. See, a good title will get someone to pick up a book. "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck," by Mark Manson is the book I picked up. Yes, I use the F word, but not as often as some might think. At first I was thinking I'm not sure I can read a book with the F-bomb dropped all over the place. But you know, I loved it. I recommend it.

Blame my parents for my hunger and love of books. After all, they taught me to read.

When I was a kid and my parents would stick us in the car for a 4 hour drive to my grandparents for a visit, I would read every sign. If they hadn't taught me to read then I wouldn't be such a reader.

I am grateful for my parents who taught me to read and for every author who has put their heart and soul into a book. Very much appreciate you sharing your stories.

Who taught you to read?


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