Friday, February 9, 2018

Morning routines

Do you have a morning routine?

From the minute your eyes pop open to the time you walk out the door for work, what do you do? Maybe you don't leave for work. Maybe you work from home. What's your routine?

Do you take solace in your routine?

I am usually woken by sunlight streaming through the windows or my two cats. The moment my feet hit the floor I make the bed. Yes, you read that right. I make the bed. My mom taught me to make the bed first and I've been doing it ever since. It's important to me because I don't like messy and I am not one of those people who can crawl back under the covers at night if the bed has not been made. Maybe that's a little OCD, but I think not.

After that I have to feed the kitties. Why? Because oh my goodness they are these cute little fur balls that yell at me if I do not immediately go downstairs and feed them. Did I mention they were cute?

Then it's finally about me. I get to get cleaned up, dressed and yes, I look forward to my one and only cup of dark roast coffee with double espresso almond milk. This is my relaxing part of the morning. I share it with the two fur balls, Mischief and Mayhem. I drink the coffee and they get morning treats good for their teeth. Lots of licking chops happen all around and purring ensues. Okay, I don't purr, but I do lick my lips.

If I work from home I try to go for a short morning walk to get some fresh air before being cooped up for the day. Then have breakfast before being enslaved by my computer. If it's a day I have to travel to the office I pack up my bag and computer and hit the road. No time for breakfast. Yeah, yeah, I know. Morning is the most important meal of the day. And I do believe that, but I'd rather skip that than be stuck in traffic.

I enjoy my routine. It's all warmth and cuddles and relaxation before the storm of stress.

How do you feel about your morning routine? Does it give you comfort?


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