Monday, November 15, 2010

Denise Robbins and her latest novel NEVER TEMPT DANGER on blog tour

Some of you may not be aware that I am doing a book blog tour to announce the release of my latest novel NEVER TEMPT DANGER.

New to the blogosphere? No clue what a book blog tour is?

A book blog tour is where an author visits a book blogger's website where they discuss the latest novel, post an interview with the author, or just chit-chat about whatever topic is of interest for the day. You as the readers and visitors of the various stops of the book blog tour have a chance to get to know the author, the blogger, and almost always have an opportunity to win a free book!

My tour is under way right now. Below are the places we've been, and the dates and blogs I will be visiting. Mark your calendars - because you never know what surprise will come up as a giveaway.

10/22/10 Intense Whisper
10/29/10 Geeky Bookworm
11/05/10 Book Lovers Inc. - Giveaway ends Nov. 20th.
11/12/10 Sagi's Randomness
11/17/10 TBD - TV Ted
11/21/10 Foozago Blog
12/02/10 A Buckeye Girl Reads
12/04/10 Jo Jo's Book Corner
12/08/10 Babbling About Books and More
12/17/10 Inspired Quill
12/22/10 Cafe of Dreams
01/10/11 My words and pages

To see any changes to this schedule and more information about me, the books, and upcoming events, visit my Facebook Fan Page at


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