Sunday, November 28, 2010

Procrastinating Sunday

With the way people's lives are nowadays it seems that Sunday is the only day we can relax. If even that day. I don't know about you all, but because I work over 40 hours per week and have a 90 minute commute each way every day I cannot get some of the things I want or need to do during the week. Most evenings by the time I arrive home I am too exhausted to get back in the car and run more errands. If I don't stop on the way home the chances of me going back out are slim to none.

When Saturday rolls around instead of chilling out on your deck or in front of a cozy fire with friends, what do we do? We run those errands or do those chores we were too tired or too busy to do during the week. When the work week was invented (who knows when) I don't believe this was the idea of the weekend. Sure we do yard work because, hey, that's what weekends are for. But we do yard work Saturday mornings so we can BBQ with neighbors in the afternoon or evening. And we do yeard work because it gives us an opportunity to commune with nature. For me, I like to just play in my garden.

The problem is that it's no longer just yard work on Saturdays. It's running errands to the grocery store, picking up and dropping off dry cleaning, making trips to the post office, and doing all those other pesky chores that should have been/could have been done if our work week wasn't consumed by 50 to 60 hours of work and commute that we don't even get paid for.

Then we have Sundays. Now Sundays for many are spent getting up and getting ready for church and then having a family breakfast after that. But then what? Do you get to sit on your hiney and enjoy a day of rest? Isn't that what Sundays were meant to be?

Or do you procrastinate on Sunday because you really do have chores that need to be done, but your heart is saying, "Please, please can we just chill out?!" At least that is what my heart is saying.

So how do you procrastinate? Maybe you have a really LARGE cup of coffee. You know, a cup that's three times your normal kickstart in the morning.

Perhaps you listen to icky Sunday radio? I mean I swear this is the one day of the week that the radio stations forget that radio producers forget that people are listening and want to be entertained. I don't want to hear about how to raise my child in a green world, how to tune my car, or hear for the umpteenth time about some idiot politician screwed up. On Sunday the last thing I want is boring stuff. I want something that's going to make me laugh and forget that tomorrow is Monday and that the week starts all over again.

Maybe you watch the Sunday shows where some pompous opinionated person gives you his or her take on the world, economy, foreign politics, or whatever other topic there is that will blow your mind away on a Sunday. Instead, your heart is now pounding out of your chest because for 60 minutes you have listened to people who tell you they are smarter than you tell you how we can make everything better. But have they done anything about it? Nope. They just argued on national television about how it could or should be done.

How do you procrastinate?

Me, I should be writing on my latest novel. This is the one day a week I try to put aside for just my writing. So how do I procrastinate?

I get up, go for a cinnamon roll and Mountain Dew. Yes, I need caffeine, just not the coffee variety. I write a blog post like this one just because it popped into my head. I will then do a small amount of writing before the place I'm sitting in gets too busy and loud. And, of course, that's usually when I get on a roll in the story.

Then I get in the car and run more of those errands that I should have, would have run during the week if I hadn't worked so much. Or I decide I need silk flowers in my living room and I go to the little shop in Bedford because it's the only time I can make it to the place since it closes at 5 PM during the week. Occasionally, I get in my car and go for a drive. It doesn't matter where, just drive and stop wherever I want. Sometimes I head to Kittery to walk around the outlets and get some fresh air. I might even drive up to Gilmanton to get those terrific apple cider donuts I may have mentioned before. And yes, I will make that 45 minute drive just for those donuts.

After doing those things, I go home and look around and realize I need to vacuum or I need to put that floral arrangement together that I bought the flowers for. By the time I sit down to finish the chapter I started in the morning I am exhausted and my mind is already on work for the next day. Dang! Is that sad or what?

What do you put Sunday aside for and how do you procrastinate?

PS - I'm off to start writing. :-)


Ceri Hebert November 28, 2010 at 8:08 AM  

Sundays are usually days for visiting family, which is good. Otherwise they're rather lazy for us.

And I hate Sunday radio too, especially in the morning when I am in the kitchen. I get so tired of the radio flea markets. Okay, why does every station in NH have to broadcast them for hours on end? Ugh.

Enjoy your day!

Maurice Williams November 28, 2010 at 12:57 PM  

Besides teaching on Sundays, I generally get together with my writing group (today is an off day for both teaching and group writing.) The writing group is an exercise group not a feedback group and so we do 40 minute writes on prompts (pictures, vocabulary, fragments, etc.)On off days like today I struggle to focus on writing. At this point I am getting ready to binge on electronic entertainment. But early this morning and while doing laundry I did manage to get fragment writing in. So I stood up to the procrastination demon today! :-)

Robin K November 28, 2010 at 2:55 PM  

I am currently procrastinating by playing online and pretending the kids are not fighting. Again. Black Friday shopping has had me completely preoccupied this entire weekend. I suppose I should go get some juice and list some crap on eBay, then shop some more.

If you ever need a laugh on Sunday you can find me online love!

Denise November 29, 2010 at 5:36 AM  

I love everyone's unique way of procrastinating.

Ceri - I have never heard of a flea market on Sunday radio but thanks for the warning.

Robin - Was thinkin about you on Sunday. I told a friend of mine about you and your graphical talents.

Maurice - The writing group sounds like a very positive one. Glad you were able to fight the procrastination demon and get some writing done.

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