Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Response to last week's writing prompt

Last week's writing prompt was: "Is everything - "

What did you come up with? Share! Share!

Here is my attempt at the writing prompt:

“Is everything –”

She halted mid-shake and spun around. Her assistant stood stock still and wide-eyed in the doorway staring.

Cheeks flushed, Jane straightened and cleared her throat, shoving down the skirt that had crawled up her thighs during her little jig.

“Yes, Tony?”

When her assistant didn’t respond but stood there gaping with his chin to his chest, Jane spoke again. “Are you trying to catch flies?”

Tony’s lips clamped shut and he blinked several times before he stood up straight and put words to thoughts. “Uh. No. Sorry,” he stammered then ran a hand down his face as if to clear his vision. “Are you okay? I heard yelling.”


Robin K November 3, 2010 at 9:43 PM  

Oh I missed last week...

"Is everything - "

He stopped mid sentence, stood stock still and grinned. He knew she loved to dance, but seeing her swirling around the room with the vacuum was something new altogether.

Amidst her blind sways she and her friend, Hoover, had knocked over a lamp, the garbage and the flowers he sent that morning.

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