Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Candy heart conversations...

With Valentine's Day just around the corner everywhere you turn you see cards, red hearts hanging in windows, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate.

Then you see that box of conversation hearts, you know the ones. You used to give them out to all your friends in school with a little Valentine when you were a kid. They're pink, purple, green, white and have words written on them.

My favorite is the "Coax Me" heart.
I received that heart quite a few years ago, but the memory is etched in my mind. I walked into my office, found a lovely bouquet of tulips and lilies (two of my favorite flowers) on my desk and inside the attached small, white envelope was the single green heart with those words "Coax Me" written on it.
To this day whenever I see one of those conversation hearts with the words "Coax Me" printed on it, I always get a tug at the corner of my lips as a quick memory flashes in my mind.

What is your favorite conversation heart? Why? What memory does it hold?


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