Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Life's lessons, signs, and Fate

Fate listens so watch your words.

Have you ever noticed that things happen to you that you don't always expect, but for some odd reason you have a conversation about it and hours or days later, BAM! The thing you had joked about in a conversation with a friend occurs.

I am a firm believer that this is always the case and I should know better.

One example of this occurred when I was as a young teen. A bunch of us were riding out to a soccer game and for some strange reason we got on the subject "What if one of us had an accident?" First of all, why would we ask a question like that while we're driving to a big game? Because we did not know fate was looking down at us and listening.

Later that day, I was rushed off the soccer field in the middle of a game with a broken leg and dislocated knee. A freak accident occurred when the goalie grabbed my ankle instead of the soccer ball.

Well, this weekend fate stepped in again. On Friday at work, I was talking to one of the guys I work with about plans for the long weekend. We had Monday off. I told him that I planned on finishing up all my painting so I could enjoy my house and get back to writing. He made some joke about "unless you fall off a ladder or something."

I did finish painting all the trim work, got my upstairs hall painted, so the only thing left was the entry way. I was just finishing up one wall when I stepped down to get off the ladder when the ladder wobbled. I held my breath and held still and figured it would stop. The ladder had other ideas. It went sailing out from under me and unfortunately, I landed on the hardwood floor.

Now, I'm sitting here with a sore bum, a fractured finger, a sprained wrist, and bruised pride. Not to mention my poor wall that was just painted now has a hole in it, my floor is scratched and my lovely mirror took on a new opaque linen white color to it.

This is why you should never tempt Fate by speaking aloud about something you don't want to occur. However, I look upon this as a sign. The sign is that I need to put my house back together and get back to writing. That is what I love to do so that is what I should be doing. And I think that is what Fate was trying to tell me. That's probably why it was my left hand that was injured and not my right.


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