Monday, February 1, 2010

My version of decorating

As many of you know I recently had my bedroom and office carpets replaced by hardwood. I've repainted almost every room in the house and will at some point have them all painted. That is if my arms survive and my behind isn't screaming at me for walking up and down the ladder.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I accidentally locked myself in my office as I ripped up the carpeting. (The story behind this is in another blog post.) Because of that I started removing the doorknob in whatever room I was painting in. Since the doorknobs were off and I did not feel safe in my own house with the existing knobs, I decided to replace them. ALL of them. What can I say, I'm a girl. See my cool doorknob.

Now, if you're going to replace doorknobs why go with something that looks the same as the previous ones. Why not go with something different? Here you will see a picture of my new EGG knobs. Aren't they cool? Not only will I never lock myself in because the office no longer has a lock on it, but the handle is functional in that I can hang something on it without it sliding off. See...

In addition to my wonderful new door knobs, I had the time a couple of weeks ago before a book event to squeeze in going to the local floarl and basket place. This is a warehouse of silk flowers, ribbon, decorative pots, candle holders, on and on. This is a great place if you want like to do your own arrangements. I prefer to make most things myself so this place is heaven.

As a result of my little side shopping trip, I put together 3 fun floral arrangements. Of course, I don't have the furniture to put them all on, but they're ready and waiting. The first arrangement is in the sparebedroom that I just painted a softer blue called Chinchila. What do you think?

The other two are ones that will go in my bedroom whenever I get that furniture. These one actually stopped my neigbor in her tracks when she saw them. Don't you just love pretty things. AHH!


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