Friday, January 9, 2009

Children's Book and Contracts

Late yesterday afternoon I returned home and found this big envelope on my door. After getting it inside and opening it up, I saw these papers from a publishing company and was confused. (happens every once and a while)

As far as I knew the only publisher who has any of my work is L&L Dreamspell, my publisher for my romantic-suspense books. I had completely forgotten that I submitted my children's story before Thanksgiving.

I reached back into the envelope and found a letter. An offer letter to publish my book. Woohoo! Yes, I was extremely excited. . . until I read the contract.


Such a good question. I'll tell you.

Because the bottom line is that they wanted me to front the money to publish the book and they would in return spend 6 times that in actually getting the artwork (B&W), get it printed, then market it to online bookstores.

As soon as I read that I have to give them money. . .my balloon popped.

If I wanted to pay someone to publish my book (self-publish), I could do it for a lot less than they quoted me.

Moral of this story is. . .READ THE CONTRACT. Don't sign and send anything off unless you know what you are getting into. Also, research the publisher to check on their reputation. One good place to get some of that information is


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