Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How to write more often

So we all have day jobs or families, even daily tasks that have to be done. When are we supposed to get any writing done??

Here's a tip - okay a couple of tips:

1. Instead of taking a book to read with you when you run those errands that require you to wait for a period of time, like a visit to the vet or a doctor, take a pad of paper and a pen. Write! I even carry the last few pages of the section I'm working on with me just so I can refresh my memory as to where I left off.

2. Block some specific time aside just for your writing. Write! I have for many years set aside an hour every evening to read so why not do the same for writing.

3. Say you are used to your schedule and then it shifts, you no longer are taking that night class on belly dancing on Tuesday. Fill that time slot with. . .take a guess. . .writing!

4. The biggest tip of all is to stick paper and pen in your car, your handbag, your backpack, underneath your sofa. Why? Because when you feel the urge, you will have something there that you can use to write with. Heck! It may not be a chapter, or a paragraph, but it may be the story idea for your next novel.

For the record, I even have paper and pen with me when I'm on the treadmill. I can't exactly read the writing, but I'm getting something down to jog, no pun intended, my memory later.

The beginning of my WIP came to me as I was driving to a NHRWA meeting. Yeah, can't exactly write while driving. Okay, I could but it probably wouldn't be pretty, cars piled up on 93N. I can see the headline now, Local Author Writes Her Own Death Scene. Anyway, as soon as I got to the meeting spot, I pulled out notebook and pen and wrote the first few sentences down. After that. . .novel three is in the works!


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