Friday, January 30, 2009

Signed a book last night and it wasn't even a book event

Good morning!

Last night, I went to dinner with a couple of my neighbors. We went to Margaritas for Mexican. My neighbor's husband never had Mexican food until I moved into the neighborhood. Now he likes it!

Anyway, while we were there, I dropped off the book event flyers and the posters my publisher had made for me for the manager who arranged the upcoming book event.

Instead of Andrea (the manager) coming over to my table, Pedro (AKA PJ, another manager) came over to the table and sat with us. He asked if I had an extra copy of the book for him. HA! Of course!!

Then he asked me to sign it. See, yesterday's post was very timely. I managed to put a quick quip in it and told PJ that he had two weeks to read the book.

He asked if there would be a quiz. Well, duh, yeah! How else will I know if he actually read it? But, I told him he had to read it so that in two weeks, he would be telling everyone how great the action and suspense was, not to mention how hot the, uh, romance was. :-)

In two weeks, we shall see if he knows his stuff.


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