Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sweet Spot in Writing

Yesterday afternoon, I completed writing the interview with myself/press release. Not sure how entertaining it will be, but my editors have reviewed and cleaned it up so at least it's grammatically correct. :-)

Actually, the editors really only tweaked the beginning. Which brings me to my topic.

Have you ever noticed you have a sweet spot in writing and then there are other areas/times where you can't seem to find the rhythm. (i know what ran through my head when i said this :-)

Anyway, where is your sweet spot or lack there of?

For me, I suck at the beginning of a story. When I say suck, I mean the writing isn't as solid and fluid. I usually end up rewriting/majorly revising the beginning. Once I get started and the rhythm takes hold, look out!

It's the same thing for me when I write certain characters. It seems one character, when I write him or her at first, doesn't pop out at me while the other character does. You know, like whenever you write that one character, BAM! everything comes out perfectly and his or her personality is obvious.

My sweet spot seems to be after chapter 1 and sometimes chapter two. For whatever reason I'm no longer hesitant and the story flows from my had to my fingertips and out onto my computer.

When I write an article, like my self-interview, it seems the beginning paragraphs are always the roughest.

What do you do about those rough areas?

Do you keep beating yourself over the head trying to make it better and never get there? Do you call on a friend/editor to read and advise? Or do you shove it aside and start over or move on?


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