Friday, September 4, 2009

I have a new fan!

I can honestly say that when I took on the endeavor of writing my first book I never imagined that I would receive emails or letters from readers telling me how much they liked my books.

I have to tell you, it is the greatest feeling in the world to come home after a long eleven-hour day at work, like this past Tuesday, and find an email from a reader that starts out with the words “You have a new fan!”

That alone made my heart stop, do a little spin, and then jump into overtime.
You all know me by now, I just have to share it with you and say thanks to Kim for taking the time to send me a note. There is no greater pleasure! Thank you.

OH! My favorite line in Kim's email and from everyone is "I could not put it down."


You now have a new fan! I had to email you and let you know I just finished your wonderfully fabulous book Killer Bunny Hill. It was a great read. I started it on Sunday night and just finished it on my lunch hour today. I could not put it down.

Besides Lake Mary, FL we also have in common the fact that I grew up in New Hampshire! My parents have a second home in Freedom, New Hampshire, which is about 1/2 hour south of Conway, NH. I loved spending my summers there and winter weekends there - swimming in the summers and skiing in the winter.

Well, I am going to hit my local library and see if they have any of your books there. If not, I'll be definitely going to the store to buy them.

Thanks again for sending me Killer Bunny Hill. LOVED IT!


By the way, Kim did go to her library and checked if they had a copy of It Happens in Threes, but they did not and she let me know the next day.

What?! How could that be? :-)

Not to worry. Kim and I have a plan. I am sending Kim a copy of each book for her to donate to her library so others can read them. Then in December when Connect the Dots is released the library will know they have to get a copy for my local fan.

PS - Kim, if they don't get the copy of Connect the Dots right away you let me know.

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