Friday, December 4, 2009

On the 4th Day of CONNECT THE DOTS launch...

On the 4thDay of CONNECT THE DOTS launch my author gave to me...

6 Questions to answer, 4 blogs to visit, 2 posters, a Connect Four game,. . . and a book under the tree!

We're only 4 days into and 11 days away from the launch of CONNECT THE DOTS and we have plenty of prizes to five and more great blogs to visit.

Join the Countdown to CONNECT THE DOTS Release Competition by starting at

Till Dec 15, follow the trail, answer the questions, connect the dots and post your answers back on my site each day for a chance to win.

Today please visit these wonderful blogs to find the answers to the 6 questions and directions to where you'll go tomorrow to continue the celebration of the CONNECT THE DOTS release.,,, and


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