Tuesday, July 21, 2009

At a yard sale. . .Writing Prompt Tuesday

Tuesday is creative boost day and we have the perfect writing prompt for the summer.

Remember when you were a kid and your mom would drag you around to garage sale or yard sales?

Oh, maybe that was just me.

Dad didn't go on these fun outings so us kids (I have three sisters) would get dragged along to paw through and oo! and ah! at the incredible stuff other people wanted to get rid of.

One day, years later, I went to one on my own and found an old/antique stereo, you know the big wooden kind that played the radio and albums. Remember those?! It was on sale for $10. What a bargain!

Anyway, a good yard sale can always be an interesting place to come up with a good story.


Because as you paw through someone else's stuff you can get an image of the person and craft an interesting tale of who they are and when they used or wore that grat bargain you are about to pay pennies for.

Keep that in mind when you write today's response to the writing prompt.

Prompt: At the yard sale. . .


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