Friday, July 17, 2009

Free write Friday . . . The wine. . .

Well, Friday has come and I still have a lot of words to write in my WIP to finish it by Sunday. Yes, that is my plan for the whole day today - WRITE!

In the meantime, in honor of the book event I hooked yesterday with Zorvino Vineyards, I thought today's writing prompt would be something to do with the vineyard.

If you have nevere been to a vineyard/winery (my first visit to one was yesterday), you really do have to check it out. In the meantime, checkout Zorvino's website at If you go by Zorvino's ask for Tom or Nancy and tell them that Denise Robbins sent you.

Friday's Prompt: The wine. . .


Ceri Hebert July 18, 2009 at 7:19 AM  

The wine must have gone to my head for Rowan McLlyr did not seem as fierce as I believed him once the spirits took hold of me. I glared at him, daring to prod at his current good nature with my newly found, and no doubt false courage.

"You are not so frightening," I told him boldly.

Indeed a smile slipped over his face and I swear there was a gleam in his eyes. A gleam of humor. Oh for his enemies to see that chink in his armor. Best if he kept that from battle.

"And you are not so meek. Tell me, how do you like the meal?"

I took another sip of wine. It was far richer than anything I had tasted at home. Like ripe berries and a touch of something else that reminded me of the forest, it made me want more.

"Better than I had expected. I believe your wine is enchanted." I took another sip and warned myself not to get carried away. No matter how friendly his smile, I knew this king was not someone I could trust.

"Just wine. I assure you." As if to prove it, Rowan picked up his own goblet and drank deeply from it. "Perhaps stronger than you are used to. My vineyards are known for their boldness."

"Hmm. And I thought that all this country was known for was its cruelty and wish for domination."

Rowan laughed, a sound that filled the room, as rich as the wine and, I feared, as heady.

"Such stories they tell you over in your fine land. Perhaps you will see that not everything is as you believe." His smile died somewhat and I again faced the intense man I had come to know in my brief captivity.

He leaned forward over the large table, his eyes fixed on me with an intensity that nearly had me making my escape.

"Perhaps, my bride, you will discover that everything is tipped upside down in your world."

Denise July 18, 2009 at 9:31 AM  

Ceri -

Liked the conversation between the characters and how the wine gave the woman more courage.

I can picture that happening!

Nicely done.


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