Saturday, March 14, 2009

NHRWA meeting today

Fun, fun, fun!

If you ever want a good laugh, just attend a NH Romance Writer's meeting. Think you're hearing voices in your head? Nah, it's just the writer in you wanting out. If you're not sure, just attend a NHRWA meeting. You'll find out you're in good company.

Plus, think of all the young (not necessarily in age) writers you can and will meet. There are a bunch of us that are just ready to bust out. It's only a matter of time. You can honestly say "I knew her when." And vice versa.

Oh! Next month I will be the speaker. Great. . . tough act to follow Carla Neggers. But, I shall try.

First, I have to come up with something interesting to talk about. Notice, I said "interesting". The last thing I want to do is put people to sleep. And, I would really like to do something that had a lot of interaction between all the attendees. So, I am hereby opening this up for any terrific suggestions. If you were going to go see a writer give a spiel on some topic, what would you want to find out?

I know what Jennifer will say. . . the journey of a novel. Cool by me, but tell me what that means. :-)


Ceri Hebert March 17, 2009 at 5:39 AM  

I'm sure you'll do fine.

So, when is the NHRWA going to have a contest?

Denise March 17, 2009 at 6:14 AM  


That's a good question. We did once a long time ago, but haven't since.

I'll ask and/or make the suggestion.


Jennifer Carroll March 20, 2009 at 5:59 PM  

Okay, so I'm a tad late in responding to this, but for good reason - I've been writing lots. :)
I WOULD like you to do Journey of a Novel - but it might be nice to do that when Killer Bunny Hill comes out!
It's a little expose - did you plot it or pants it, how long did it take you to write, did you have major revisions / sticky points... did you enter it in competitions, how did you get it in front of an editor, what happened between getting 'the call' and seeing it on the shelves?!
All that good stuff!
Shall put my mind to fascinating topics for the April meeting and get back to you asap - we're off to see a puppy for Ross with the Make-A-Wish foundation. May never have time to write again!

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