Friday, June 5, 2009

Author Blog Buzz

Author Blog Buzz is a blog post giving you some of the latest and greatest that is happening in the author's world of writing.

Saturday, June 6, I will be sending out 16 copies of It Happens in Threes to the winners of last week's book drawing. Everyone who sent an email won! Congratulations!!

Sunday afternoon, June 7, Marianne Arkins ( and Ashlyn Chase ( are joining me for a Romance in the Backseat interview with Terry Kate of Keep a watch out for a black BMW with 4 ladies and a camera cruising around NH.

On that same day (evening), stay tuned as we might turn that interview into a local Lit Chat session between authors and readers afterwards in the bar area of The Common Man in Windham. I'll keep you posted!

Sunday morning, June 7, I'll be posting an interview with this week's Book-A-Week Challenge author Jim Colombo, author of "The Keys to the Vault - A Caroline Baker Adventure." Stop by and leave Jim a comment or question. Jim will pop in throughout the day and write back.

Any other authors want to be a part of the Book-A-Week Challenge? Email me or post a comment. We'll take any genre, not just romance. The whole idea is to encourage people to read more, one book a week (at least). It's a fun and laid back way of meeting new authors and readers. Come on and share!


Elizabeth Eagan-Cox August 8, 2009 at 1:37 PM  

Hello Denise;

I would love to be interviewed by you. I think you and your readers would enjoy it, here's why:

1. I am a paranormal mystery author of a fiction series of novels published in paperback by Cambridge Books ( not self-published, very traditional).

2. I treat the ghosts in my stories as real characters....not novelties.

3. I guest on numerous paranormal radio programs.., speaking on topics such as: Are Your Ancestors Your Ghosts, Grave Art and Blood Memory.

4. I am a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (yes, that "D.A.R."), so when I talk about locating and documenting (with hard evidence) ancestors back to the 1700s..well I am speaking from experience supported by the DAR's expertise and strict requirements for membership.

5. I am also a member of the international Irish Clann Mac Aodhagain ("Mac Egan"), who maintain residence at Redwood Castle, County Tipperary, Ireland... the oldest castle in Ireland that has remained in ownership of the original clan.

6. I write to quiet the whispers of my ancestors... this gift is called 'blood memory' in the Celtic culture.

Please contact via my web site:

I hope to hear from you soon ;-)
Elizabeth Eagan-Cox,

author of the Shannon Delaney paranormal mystery series.

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