Monday, June 29, 2009

Write your way to Monday morning motivation

Good morning!

Well, it would be good if we had a little motivation, right? This creative writing prompt should give you a boost to your Monday writing.

Promtpt: In a tattoo parlor. . .

Cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with. Don't forget to keep the reader hooked with whatever you write.


Ceri Hebert July 1, 2009 at 10:09 AM  

In a tattoo parlour Rebecca eyed the needle with grave concern.

"You've got to be kidding me," she muttered and met her sister's eyes. "You're actually going to do this?"

"Yup," Eva replied with a grin. She lay on her stomach and the tattoo artist, a guy named Dante, who sported some horn-like bumps at his hairline and a pound of metal in his face, pulled back her shirt and cleaned off the area he'd be working on.

Rebecca sat down on the stool next to her twin. "You know Mark is going to totally dump you over this."

Eva rolled her eyes. "Promise? Hey Dante, maybe you can pierce my nose and tongue too."

Rebecca gaped at her. What had come over her once calm, level-headed sister?

"You know Mark only asked me out because he thought I was you," Eva said calmly even though the needle had started up.

Rebecca gaped at her. This was news and it was shocking. "You're kidding!"

Eva winced but shook her head. "No. He thought I was you. Seriously. I think when he realized I wasn't he was too embarrassed to take it back."

"But you've been dating for a month now." Damn. Mark had been her dream man. He had planned to ask her out? What a cruel joke this was.

Eva squeezed her hand and gave her a painful smile. "Don't worry, we didn' know. Besides, I knew that you have the hots for him. I kept him pure and intrigued about you until you dealt with your own issues. And as soon as you get them figured out, Mark will be all yours."

Her own issues. Rebecca sighed. Her own issues might just be a little more complicated than she'd first thought. She hoped Mark would hang around until then.

Denise July 1, 2009 at 7:57 PM  


Very intriguing!

Want to know Rebecca's issues. Want to know if the sisters get into a situation where the only way to tell the difference between them is the tattoo.

Good visual of the tattoo artist.

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