Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bill paying day from hell and I blame it on work

This blog has absolutely nothing to do with writing unless you count writing a check as an art form.

I have worked so many hours the last two weeks that my brain is fried. I woke up this morning, thanks to my trusty alarm on my phone, and realized it was the last day of the month and OMG! I have to pay bills.

I skipped working out and that in and of itself is a bad omen. Instead, I decided to go get real food for breakfast and would write out my bills there. HA! The fates were not prepared for that. I sat down had the stuff ready, opened the checkbook and realized there were no checks in there. Pffft!

Now I had to go back home and get checks. I opened every desk drawer, kitchen drawer, and cubby hole. NADA! HA! Again the fates conspired against me. I have no checks in the house. Damn!

Fine, I will have to rush order checks. I go online to do just that and $@&! the system is currently unavailable. Do you really think it could get worse?

Never ask that question! I got online to try and pay it but of course there is no place to do that. As a last resort, I called customer service (last resort because you never really get help). Anyway, the woman was very nice, but no, she could not help. I'd have to set up the information online and it will take 2-3 days for it to work before I can use it. Well, duh, this is too long. So the woman suggests I could pay it over the phone. Again, not something I like to do, but holy cow! I am desperate!

The customer service woman connects me to the department where it rings incessantly before it disconnects me!!! WTF! So I call the number back and do as the woman suggested because she had been smart enough to tell me the numbers because the system disconnects ALL the time.

When I do place the call and punch in all the numbers to get to a live person, I get the recording that "you have reached us during closed hours." Are you flippin' kidding me? Did the customer service woman not know this? Did she just like jerking my chain? (Okay, so maybe that is a guy line, but ask me if I care.)

Then as I am driving into work I realize that I am supposed to ge do all the paperwork for my car tonight. . .if I get out of work at a decent hour. Well, how do I do that without a check??

I call my parents and tell them my whole story and of course they think it is hysterical. MEAN mom and dad. :-) Mom makes the helpful suggestion of going to the bank and asking them to create me some counter checks. Great suggestion! Except for one thing. . .

I'm at work until who knows when but by the time I do get out the banks will all be closed.

Thus ends my rant on the bill paying day from hell . . .all thanks to my job. It may give me the money to pay my bills, but it certainly does not give me the checks to make it happen. Not to mention the fact that the job has sucked every memory cell out of me for the last two weeks.



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