Friday, June 12, 2009

Write and Win! Friday Writing Prompt

Write and Win! Last prompt for the week.

You have until Saturday to post a response to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday's prompts in order to have a chance to win a copy of It Happens in Threes and a You don't say no to girls. . .who do it and write about it T-shirt.

Friday's creative writing prompt: The night before. . .

Have fun writing! Post what you come up with so others can see and share.


J.C. Montgomery June 13, 2009 at 3:05 AM  

Life and family conspired against me this week. Maybe next time. Thanks for the wonderful prompts though. They have me thinking.

A lot.

Especially on how to find that "room of my own" I keep hearing about.


Denise June 13, 2009 at 5:35 AM  


Maybe next week. I'll do it again Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


You still have all day Saturday to write the three.

Denise June 13, 2009 at 8:44 AM  

Here's my shot at it.

The night before . . .

The night before, she came home from work, changed into sweats, and curled up on the sofa to eat a pint of her favorite ice cream all by her lonesome. Then she made the mistake of answering the persistent pounding at her front door. Garrett had smiled at her, taken one bite of the chocolate ice cream, and then nibbled on her. All night.

Jane sat at her bistro kitchen table. Her hands wrapped around a mug of fresh coffee, she wondered if the man sleeping in her bed still thought her guilty of a crime or a suspect, or wait, a person of interest. “No,” she murmured as she brought the cup up to her lips. Although, she thought with a grin, he must have thought her a person of interest considering what they had done last night.

“Smells good.”

Heat rushed through her body at the sound of Garrett’s deep delicious voice. She glanced up only far enough to see the line of dark hair on his abdomen slide beneath his navy blue boxers. Thank goodness, they were not pink! The sight of him ignited the banked sexual desire. Like three times had not been enough? Licking her lips, she tore her gaze from the waistband of his drawers. The twitch of his mouth and the spark in his steel-gray eyes told her he knew what she was thinking.

Garrett shoved away from the doorjamb, reached out, and stroked the nape of her neck. Desire burst into flames of lust as his lips, warm and moist pressed against hers. Damn!

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