Friday, June 19, 2009

Free Write Friday

Free Write Friday is the idea that I give you a prompt and you just free write whatever pops into your head in a post back.

Anybody and everybody is invited to do this. Just let the prompt do its thing and your creativity will flow. Have fun!

Are you ready? Here's your prompt: Inside the book. . .


Ceri Hebert June 19, 2009 at 8:27 PM  

Inside the book I wrote what I had been seeing. My blood ran cold with the fear that crept through my bones. I had always thought the power of my visions were only brought on by the little well, but now I knew better. I never wanted to go back to that pool of water, ever, but it would be expected of me now. If I were to remain in this encampment I had to pull my weight, do my part, and had been asked to go to that water and wash out the clothes that had been left to me.

If I told them no they would have become suspicious. They would want to know why. They would dig and dig until they discovered I was not who they thought I was.

I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to purge the nightmarish vision from my head, but all I could see was Hamish, bound to the tree, the two monstrous dogs going at him. And of course my arm around the tall woman, my knife pressed into her throat.

Would I pull the blade across her flesh? No! I screamed silently. How could I? All my life I had been taught that life was sacred. All life.

But Hamish. My dear and true friend.

I refused to believe this was a premonition. My proximity to Niks confused me, made my head conjure up evil.


I looked up to see who called me, and tucked my book under my blanket.

Kian approached my tent and ducked in. My body tensed up at the sight of him. It always did, betraying my strength. I meant nothing to him, just another person to protect. And I tried to make him someone who meant nothing to me.

Unfortunately each time I saw him I found it more and more difficult to keep my fascination for the young leader of this encampment of lost souls at bay.

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