Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lights, Camera, Cocktails!

Lights, Camera, Cocktails!

Like my catchy post title? Thanks to Terry Kate from

Fun for tomorrow, Sunday, June 7!

Lights: Highlighting this week's Book-A-Week Challenge author Jim Colombo, author of "Keys to the Vault - A Caroline Baker Adventure." Hope you've finished reading and enjoyed Jim's book. Find out more about Jim, come back tomorrow to see his interview and post a comment or question.

Camera: Terry Kate, executive producer of is making her way to New Hampshire and will be here tomorrow, Sunday, June 7. Authors Marianne Arkins ( and Ashlyn Chase ( will be joining me and Terry in the backseat of the car for video interviews.

Cocktails: After all that talking, us girls will need a little cocktail, don't you think? I do! Because Terry asked, I decided to have my first Cocktail Lit Chat tomorrow evening at The Common Man in Windham ( Authors and readers. . .join the fun! Meet us upstairs in the bar area where they have loveseats and chairs that are perfect for a cozy cocktail chat at 6 PM.

Okay, I'm off to finish the pre-proof edits on Killer Bunny Hill. See you tomorrow!


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